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  • By: Mireya Lacayo, Esq.
  • Published: October 24, 2022
60/40 Time Sharing

The Courts find that it is in the best interests of minor children to have frequent and ongoing communication and contact with both of their parents. However, that doesn’t always mean that it’s in the children’s best interest to have equal timesharing with both parents, especially for school-aged children.

*Enter The 60/40 Schedule*

A 60/40 schedule works well for parents that still want to exercise substantial time with the child(ren), but aren’t able to figure out a 50/50 time sharing schedule with fewer exchanges. Perhaps alternating weeks is too long to be away, and all other options lead to too much bouncing back and forth between homes, then a 60/40 time sharing schedule might be for you!

Here are some different variations of the 60/40 schedule:

Time Sharing

While a 60/40 might work well for children during the school year, spring, summer, and holiday breaks are a great opportunity for Parent B to make up additional time. For parents who want 50/50 time sharing, but know a 50/50 schedule is not feasible during the school year, keep in mind that days can always be allocated during those breaks!

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