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Types Of Agreements

Prenuptial Agreement:

  • Sometimes referred to as a premarital agreement, a prenuptial agreement is an agreement made in writing and signed by both parties in contemplation of the parties’ marriage.
  • A prenuptial agreement takes effect on the date of marriage.
  • A prenuptial agreement may impact one party’s rights and/or interest to property in the event of a separation or dissolution.

Postnuptial Agreement:

  • A postnuptial agreement is a contract between two married people that establishes what will happen with marital or separate property if the marriage ends in divorce.

  • A postnuptial agreement is not an agreement that is executed when the parties are contemplating a divorce or separation.

Marital Settlement Agreement:

  • Marital Settlement Agreements are agreements made between parties that designate the distribution of marital and non-marital assets.
  • These agreements are typically made during the dissolution of marriage process.

Mediated Agreement:

  • A mediated agreement is an agreement that is made during/after the mediation process.
  • Courts favor the mediation process, and most courts in Florida will require that the parties attempt to mediate their issues prior to setting their cases for hearing.

Temporary Agreement:

  • A temporary agreement is an agreement that may be made between the parties on a temporary basis. Some issues that are resolved on a temporary basis are: timesharing, child support, alimony, etc. A temporary agreement may be as long or as short as the parties desire.

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