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“It’s not difficult to think of all the wonderful things I could say about Attorney Quintana. She is spectacularly organized and has a brilliant understanding of the state of Florida’s laws. Because of her representation during a domestic abuse situation I was finally able to be free of a terrible situation. Her guidance and support was invaluable to me during that very difficult time. She was my voice when I had none and my rock and steadfast supporter. I am grateful to her for all the days of freedom, peace and happiness I have had since she represented me!”– Marisol

“My divorce went a lot smoother that I anticipated thanks to Mireya Quintana. She was up front with me about the entire process and what to expect. She worked tirelessly to give me exactly what I wanted and continued to assist me afterwards when I needed her. I highly recommend her services.”– Kim

“Since I live way outside of the Tampa Bay area, it was daunting to look for a family lawyer. I’m so glad to have found Mireya. I needed someone who would stand firm and be honest. My case was a little bit complicated in regards to temporary custody in light of a difficult circumstance. Mireya communicated very well. She was very detailed in her questions and her notes. She listened to the entire story of my divorce and how my ex and I ended up with our custody arrangement (from another state). She was honest about what we could expect from our court hearings. She never shied away from my questions (even if I thought they would be stupid). She even gave me advice on whether or not something I was considering would be helpful. Most importantly, she cared about my children. Her concern was always what was best for them. Not for me. Not their dad. Not for herself. We weren’t just another case on the books for her. She really cared about all parties involved. Mireya stood firm on truth and was not intimidated. Through this process and our time together, I was able to find my voice. She taught me how to advocate for my children and to stand up for myself. It’s a tragedy that we need family court in the first place, but Mireya has turned my family’s tragedy into hope. Over the years, throughout all of our hearings, I’ve had several different attorneys. I don’t think I could ever stop telling people about Mireya being the best attorney I’ve ever worked with.”– Monique

“Patient, professional and dedicated mediator who made challenging needs work best for both parties quickly. Mireya is an impressive talent in her field who is committed to results. Absolutely recommend for a knowledgeable and caring support through family law challenges.”– Linda C.

“I had a wonderful consultation with Mireya and would recommend this law firm to anyone looking for council to provide candor, direction, options, and compassion. She truly listened to my concerns and presented options that would be the best path for my son and me. I was educated on possible new paths and on obstacles I had not anticipated that would be unlikely to lead to a positive outcome. Family law and child custody is a messy business and it takes a special person to be able to handle it all. Mireya Lacayo has found her true calling.”– Joellyn R.

“Had the pleasure of speaking with Mireya today! She was so awesome. Extremely kind and thoughtful in her work. She gave me very real and honest advice and I am so thankful. I highly recommend her for any family law needs. You can truly feel the authenticity through the phone!”– CRA

“Mireya was very attentive and knowledgeable. I felt out of place in the beginning when I called but then very calm as she explained everything so well and detailed! Thank you! Will definitively recommend!”– Edna P.

“This review is overdue! I cannot say enough good things about Mireya. Dealing with a multi-state custody issue, she has not been afraid of conflict or difficulty. I love how insightful and honest she is with her evaluation of every situation. Her communication is amazing and her organization is unmatched. She’s been able to keep track of EVERY detail I have given (and it can be hard when you’re stressed over the situation to keep things straight) and can put everything into perspective. If I come up with an idea that’s not a good one, she would not hesitate to let me know. I know that she has other clients and needs time for hearings and going over other case files, but I always feel like she is so attentive to me and my situation. She checks up on me to see how I’m doing and how my kids are. I’ve had other lawyers in the past that were okay but no other, in my experience, compares to the quality of care I have received from Mireya. She has brought me peace through a very difficult situation.”– Monique A.

“I’m personally acquainted with Mireya and have worked along side of her when she was just a law clerk and upcoming attorney. Mireya has always been very organized, detailed oriented, and highly knowledgeable in Family Law! She takes pride in her career and reputation. Mireya was mentored by Gary E. Williams, who is a highly respected Board Certified Attorney in the Tampa Bay Area. You will know right away that Mireya is fair and to the point! If need be, she will litigate! She is very passionate in helping families especially through tough times. I would highly recommend Mireya A. Lacayos (Quintana) of The Family Law Firm of Tampa Bay!”– Tayla D.

“They are incredibly professional After visiting some law offices in Tampa, you were able to be honest with my case. I am more than grateful.”– Roni S.

“Mireya Quintana is an attorney so patience and humble, she gives me a security in my case and after everything done continues care about me and my daughter, am really appreciate that. Thank you so much for your commitment with us.”– Ingrid O.

“Mireya made a very painful divorce as easy as could be, under the circumstances. She negotiated a very fair settlement. She was a great listener and discerned my situation adeptly and was also very fair in her fees. She and her staff were very responsive in a timely manner to my texts and calls I would highly recommend her.”– Jill T.

“We had to get some sealed documents from the court. Mireya handled everything quickly, efficiently, and with AWESOME communication and customer service! She’s also a notary and because we live close by, made a house call to have several signatures notarized! Her services are priced EXTREMELY reasonably, and she’s VERY personable, kind, and helpful. We will DEFINITELY be back for any other services needed!”– Lisa M.

“I personally know Mireya and have worked for her as a paralegal. She is very organized, detailed, and knowledgeable in Family Law! She is passionate about her career and reputation, therefore she always produces the best service! She can be amicable, but stern with the opposing side when she needs to be. She IS a litigator, and will take it there if she has to! She takes pride in helping families through tough times. I would highly recommend Mireya A. Quintana of The Family Law Firm of Tampa Bay.”– Jessie R.

“Mireya is professional and assertive. She knows exactly when to play nice and when to be a bulldog in her cases to get the results the Client needs. Mireya truly cares about the best interest in each and every one of her Clients and always makes time for them no matter what. Wonderful person and fantastic attorney.”– Ally M.

“Such an amazing lawyer! When someone loves what they do it shows in their work and Mireya’s work speaks for itself. Always available for questions and truly cares about the best interests for the families she represents. You won’t find a better attorney!”– Dazel A.

“Provide great info And helped me out a lot. Very High Recommends.”– Stacie W.

“The Family Law Firm of Tampa Bay is the best up and coming law firm in the area. Professional and courteous. Highly recommend!”– Stephanie G.

“Ms. Quintana is great with service and helps me out with any issues I have. Love her as an attorney.”– Anthony M.

“Caring and Fair.”– Michelle V.

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