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The Court’s main priority when determining how to resolve children’s issues is best interest of the children.

The Florida Family Court’s have replaced the phrase “child custody” with “parenting plan and time sharing.” This change in language depicts the Court’s goal – to have two parents engaging in a co-parenting relationship, who each exercise time with their children, to foster an ongoing relationship between children and parent, always with the best interest of the children at the forefront.

When we discuss Children’s Issues that come up in Divorce, Paternity, or Child Support matters, here are some issues that must be resolved:

1. Parental Responsibility – Shared, Sole, or Ultimate Decision Making Authority. How will parents cooperate with one another to make decisions for their child(ren)?

2. Timesharing – What timesharing schedule will allow for frequent and ongoing contact with each parent? What arrangement works best for the child(ren)? As of July 1, 2023, there is a now a presumption that 50/50 timesharing is in the best interests of the children.

Children’s Issues
Children's Issues
Children’s Issues
Children’s Issues
Children’s Issues
Children’s Issues

3. Child Support – When both parents are able to financially support their child(ren), the Courts will require them to do so. What is considered when calculating child support? Number of overnights, respective incomes of each parent, the number of children, health insurance and child care costs, and other uncovered medical expenses are factored into Child Support Guidelines Worksheets.

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